Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Entering Holy Ground - taking off my shoes

I got a call for my first client yesterday! I am so very excited as this chapter is finally beginning to unfold! There's much for me to do to get ready... The director of Tri-cities Ministries in downtown Grand Haven, is letting us use his office so we have a place to see our clients (Husband got a client last week as well!) What an amazing blessing that is with how it all came together in such good timing. Now I just need to get my paperwork together & find a supervisor! I know it will all come together though & while I'm nervous to get back to counseling after a 10 month break, I'm so excited & feel so thankful to have this opportunity to be in such holy & sacred places with people; to talk about matters of the heart & body & soul & to be a witness to their entering & to their resistance to entering into their hearts & stories deeper. Our goal is to each have 5 clients by the end of 2004... We're on our way.

I'm meeting with an art therapist next week. Another therapist who I've been networking with told me about her. I'd love to have creativity & the process of art be an integral part of the counseling I do & I look forward to meeting & talking with her about how I can do that. I have on my business cards that I do "art therapy workshops". What's that you say? I'm not sure yet. I have some ideas swirling around in my head though & that would be most fun to put something like that together. I should probably try it out on friends & family first... anyone interested?

I'm off for a walk with my dear husband to get some ice cream to celebrate this new beginning!


Anonymous said...

Jenna, I am thrilled for you and Rob. This is SO exciting for both you and Rob.
What is art therapy. Try it out on me please!! That means of course that you'll need to come see me to minister to me. YEAH, I would love that. I am so excited for you. Good things are happening.
Love ya,

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