Saturday, May 27, 2006

summer lovin'

We've added another kitty to our Love Shack.

I put in my two weeks notice at Barnes and Noble.

My heart is more alive than it has been in a long time.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

3 months and counting...

My husband's 30th birthday was on Friday. It got me thinking about my upcoming 30th birthday. As it was during a January post I wrote, the upcoming end of my 20's continues to be a great motivation for me. I thought I would be more afraid to turn 30, but I'm not; I'm not wishing I could hold onto my 20's and I'm not dreading getting older. Rather, I'm very motivated to get moving on building the life I want and becoming more and more the person I want to be. There are several things I want to accomplish by my 30th birthday...

1) lose 15 pounds
2) gain at least 3 new ongoing clients for my counseling practice
3) send in at least one piece of my writing for the possibility of publication (hopefully!)
4) quit my BN job (to move into a counseling job or make enough income from our counseling practice that I don't need an outside job)
5) have an internship lined up for the fall
6) be able to run seven miles (at this point, I can run one mile... I have a ways to go, but, I do have 106 days to get there)

So, there you have it, my goals for the remainder of my days as a 20-something. I'm excited to turn 30 and begin a whole new decade, thinner, healthier, in better physical shape & growing professionally... as well as growing in family size too: hopefully in my early 30's, God will bless us with a baby... or two... or however many God wants to entrust to us.

Hello 30, bring it on!