Monday, June 21, 2004

one year

In a week we celebrate our one year anniversary. And when that day arrives, I will insist that we're STILL newlyweds and I am STILL the bride! Although people no longer ask to see my shiny ring, which has been sad for me. Slowly, as time passes, I've been able to let that go & give it up & well, occasionally I'll still wave my left hand like a beauty queen so people can get a good slow-mo look. Once a bride, always a bride, that's my motto. Being a bride is just too hard to let go of... wearing a $1000 dress, getting your hair & make up done for you, being surrounded by loved ones, having your picture taken wherever you turn, all those unopened gifts, your husband-to-be making all kinds of vows & promises to you & looking all ga-ga at you, the anticipation of your honeymoon... it's all so wonderful. It will live on and on through pictures and the wedding video... even though my husband refuses to watch the wedding video with me... sure he won't watch that one but can't get enough of the honeymoon video!
P.S. My husband is making me write that there is no "honeymoon video". Yes dear.

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Anonymous said...

HAPPY HAPPY 1ST YEAR ANNIVERSARY. When I think of all that you and Rob have been through in only one short year I wonder what God has in store for you. Rob's surgery, the bill, the disappointment with Mars Hill, the job market, the move (great thing!!) and now the job market again. It has been tough. But I know you have both really grown through all of this and even the tough spots have made you both more tender. I love the growth I have seen.
Yes, Jenna you can be a bride for another year!!! I have a feeling you will be a bride when you reach 80!! And you can get that ring polished along the way!!