Friday, September 07, 2012

quiet moments and obedience

Today, while I am getting ready in the bathroom, my little girl is sitting in the living room, quietly looking through picture books we got from the library. So I thought. Why have I not learned that “quiet” is a warning much like a fire alarm is a warning?  I come out of the bathroom and my little girl is certainly not quietly looking through picture books we got from the library. She’s not where I left her 5 minutes ago. How can that be? Instead, she is standing (STANDING!!) on a kitchen chair (ummm, this is new).  My glasses are broken (BROKEN!!) laying on the table next to her. And now bored of the glasses, because they are broken, she has moved on to playing with my camera (MY CAMERA!!). Yes, the one I just bought a $200 lens for. How does she know how to pick two of my most important items? Much like her brother, when he was mad at me the other day, he simply went to my computer and tore out the space bar. Yep, he knows where it hurts. Our children are so smart.

Remember when my baby girl was only butt-scooting around the room? Why did I want her walking so badly? Truly, I am grateful  she is ok and that she didn’t  fall off the  chair, climb up onto the table and jump off, drop my camera, etc. It was quite a shock to see her standing there, a little smile on her face. I would have liked to take a picture if it wasn't so heart-stopping and, oh yeah, she was playing with my camera... 

So yes, another new stage we are entering into. Her brother is losing teeth and starting school and Skylar is climbing onto high places to play with (BREAK!!) Mommy’s toys.  Obedience training here we come, round two... Playing outside, we now talk about not going into the street. She goes to the end of the driveway and says, "stop" and stops (for a second) before she's giggling and trying to run into the street.  And yes, I'll take broken glasses ANY DAY over my daughter, laying on the street, with a broken body. But today, seeing her precious little body, exploring her little world (from a higher view) I realized that obedience training is officially here. Sigh. We're still working on obedience with her older brother. Instilling obedience is one of my biggest challenges as a parent. How about you?

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