Monday, June 25, 2012

Birthday Boy

Birthdays are a big deal to me and celebrating my children's birthday is one of my favorite things to do. I want my children to feel delighted in and celebrated just because they are alive. One way I like to do that is having a lot of fun with their birthdays (at least for as long as I can while they are young). I'm not saying it has to be BIG or expensive but I try to make it meaningful and plan thoughtfully. 

So today, June 25, at 8:57 a.m., my first born, my son, turned five. He woke up with his door decorated with firetruck and dalmatian dog crepe paper and his first (mini) gift waiting for him at the top of stairs. Then he got to search the house for 10 other little gifts hiding throughout the house (matchbox car, stickers, art supplies, etc.). Baby sister had been up very early this morning so she went down early for her morning nap and then didn't wake up til after 9 a.m. which was a nice way for birthday boy and Mommy to have some alone time together. And this year, his birthday fell on garbage pick up day so he got a special birthday honk from the garbage man :) Then a special happy birthday call from his "G" which lasted only a few moments and then he said, "thanks for calling, goodbye." :)

One of my favorite birthday traditions is taking the kid's "time of birth" picture and talking about when they were born. Birthday boy doesn't really ask any questions yet but he actually sits still for five minutes and listens so I can't really ask for much more. :) He requested sausage and eggs for breakfast so I served it up on a special Lego fireman plate and cup, which is so fun (and easy) to bring wonder to his face that Momma did these things ahead of time without him knowing about it. Of course, following breakfast there's birthday burps, which makes baby sister crack up. For some reason, she thinks it's so funny to hear a burp or a fart. I don't think she's going to be a "girlie-girl"  :)

When I ask the birthday boy what he wants to do today - go to the beach, the park, take a walk, see the boats on the lake, etc., he says he just wants to play at home today. Such a homebody like his Momma. It's his sister who is always bringing me her shoes and brother's shoes and Momma's shoes so we will go play outside. So birthday boy starts playing with a new birthday toy, which of course, his sister wants to play with as well, which leads to pushing his sister which leads to his first birthday timeout - now being 5 years old, is 5 minutes long. Actually, we don't really do timeouts much anymore but this morning he really did need some time apart to get control of his body so yes, he called it his first birthday timeout.

Baby sister brought us our shoes so we went for a walk and invited the neighbors to his birthday party this weekend, which resulted in lots of birthday hugs. Then Grams came to visit with gifts and happy birthday wishes and whenever Grams visits, there's always snuggle time on the sofa reading books together. Then his G arrived and we walked up the street for ice cream. Back home, we played on the front porch with their water play table and I made a birthday dinner, which he wanted hamburgers and steak fries and peas and chocolate pudding. 

One of my favorite things about my son is our conversations. During dinner, he asked me how different he is now that he's 5 (for a day, ha!) But it led to a fun conversation about how he's grown and changed this past year - he's taller, less fearful, there's more things he can do for himself; he's more comfortable with his peers rather than just wanting to hang out with adults. He is less shy and more comfortable in new situations, learning to be more assertive and stand up for himself. I see him having grown so much this past year - in body, heart, mind and soul. And as his Momma, so have I.

After putting baby sister to bed, birthday boy and I read a few new birthday books he got and then he opened a last "bedtime present" which was a book light and a new favorite book, "Even Firefighters Go To The Potty." Oh boy, that brought on much silliness, but totally worth it. 

Throughout the day there was much talk about wanting "more presents" which perhaps was my fault, brought on by stretching out his gifts throughout the day but definitely some heart and attitude to work on with him. We ended his birthday by looking at some of his newborn baby pics and after several times of him getting out of bed (evidently that hasn't changed from age 4) he is now sleeping off all the birthday fun. It was quite a relaxing and peaceful day. I am so grateful for the gift of my son. I love being his Mommy. There has been much growth for me this past year as well. He keeps me on my toes, keeps me accountable for the things I say and do; he has helped me come out of my shell around strangers and the people we meet when we're out and about. He brings so much fun and laughter and joy (and mess and noise and much patience required) to our days. He gets me singing and dancing with him throughout our (sometimes) long days together. And these days, how precious they are with school on the horizon. Big changes ahead.

Son, my son, I loved having this lazy, playful, fun, peaceful day with you and your sister. You are so loved and enjoyed - not just by your momma, but your daddy and your sister and family and friends and many many others who come in contact with you. I love who you are. Always. No matter what. Looking forward to continuing to celebrate you with friends and family this week.

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A beautiful, touchng story, as usual.