Saturday, June 09, 2012

For Such a Moment As This

She woke with a fever but by afternoon she was perking up. It was a warm and sunny day so we decided to play in the backyard. After playing with the water table for awhile she wanted some milk. We sat on the grass and nursing her, I became keenly aware that we were having a moment. I hope you know what I mean by having a moment because that means you get to have such moments too. This was a moment that I knew was going to stand out from all other moments as I lay in bed at the close of the day and reflected back. A moment where time stood still and I could b-r-e-a-t-h-e out and rest into the moment and take it all in. A moment I knew I would want to write about later to capture. For I find that if I notice such moments, it will last longer. Above us the laundry was billowing on the clothes line, the trees were swaying a summer dance, their green leaves blowing, the blue sky cloudless. In the background, my son was playing with his dump truck and digging in the sandbox. And I thought, capture this moment. Now. And later with words. I know my daughter will not remember this moment - this exact moment (memory) of such peace and calm and stillness that perhaps stands out so much because of how rare it is admist the usual noise and mess and (semi) controlled chaos of these days with two small children. But baby girl, may this moment be an overall feeling you remember from childhood. That you are safe and "quieted by my love". An overall feeling I remember of being in my mother's arms as a baby. I gulp in these moments when they come. They're happening more and more these days. Or perhaps I'm just more aware, more open to receive them. And then let them go, for I know there will be more.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful moment and beautiful word pictures. I love the trees doing their summer dance.