Saturday, March 03, 2007

Week 22

My husband and I have been working out at the Y this week and it feels really good! It's good to have the energy and to know that what I'm doing is good for me, good for the baby and good prep for labor/delivery.
We start childbirth classes this week. Here's the link to read about our instructor and the classes...
I'm looking forward to getting started.
I've been feeling the baby kick this week! It's so cool! Except when he kicked my bladder the other night and sent me running to the bathroom! That was not cool. Other than that, I am loving it!
I continue to have strange dreams... like last night, I dreamed I was cradling our 20 lb cat, Oliver, and feeding him milk from a bottle. I'm not sure but he might have been dressed in baby clothes and a bonnet. Boy it's fun to be pregnant!

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Judy said...

I need to see pictures!!!!!