Tuesday, February 13, 2007


We had an ultrasound on Friday. It was such a fun experience! It took about an hour to figure out the gender - the umbilical cord kept getting in the way. But then we got a clear shot and I blurted out, "That's not a penis is it?" "Yes it is," the technician said. "Our baby has a penis?" "A penis?" I just couldn't stop saying it! I guess that was my way of dealing with the shock. All along we've been thinking it's a girl but no, it has a penis! But there was no denying it, there it was. All weekend long I kept saying to friends, family, and strangers - "it has a penis!" So yes, we're having a boy and I'm actually very excited to be having a boy now that I know. It's good to know for sure. (And how often do I get to talk about penises?)

The ultrasound is such an amazing experience... we could actually see this hidden mysterious baby inside of me. I haven't felt his movements yet - my midwife said it's because my placenta is in front and so when the baby is moving and kicking, he's hitting the placenta so I can't feel it. Once he gets bigger and his movements get bigger, I'll be able to feel it through the placenta. I can't wait! But it was such a relief to see the baby so active in the ultrasound. He was arching his back and kicking and moving his arms. From start to finish he went from horizontal to vertical. It was such a great experience. Everything looks perfect - he's healthy and growing like a champ! Thank you God!

So yes, our baby is a boy and therefore, has a penis. Hopefully, at some point in the near future, mommy will get over how fun it is to say that!


Anonymous said...

Penis. When "Pecker Deckert" is about 4 you'll hear that word lots and lots and all because he has one! So excited. Just can't wait to meet Pecker.

Anonymous said...

I suggest you call his "Pecker" area - his "boys."
The word penis doesn't do it justice and it sounds awkward. :)