Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A drawing entitled "Tuesday"

After parent-teacher conferences, we decided to add a day to our son's three day/week school schedule and have him go Tuesdays as well. Turns out, his teacher has been sitting him out during playtime to do the work he misses the two days he's not there. Not cool. Free play at school is such an important time for 5 year olds, especially for our son as he's always been more comfortable with adults than his peers.

We decided we would give Tuesdays a try and see how it goes. Last week was our first week and it went fabulous. Tuesday was a 2 hour delay day so it was a perfect way to start a 4/day week. Also, his teacher was going to be back in the classroom after being absent for a week due to a medical issue. He was excited to go and sailed through the rest of the week (with Thursday at home).

This week has been a different story.

Monday night at bedtime, my son asked me, "Is it a school day tomorrow?"
"No it's not!"
"Yes, honey, you go on Tuesdays now."
"I don't want to go."
"Let's just sleep on it tonight and we'll talk about it in the morning."

10 minutes later he's out of bed with something to show me. A drawing...

He is standing in front of his school with tears falling down to his toes. In the sky it's storming with thunder and lightening and he knows he's not supposed to be outside when it's thunder and lightening but he's crying so hard he doesn't hear the thunder.

And that's how he feels about going to school on a Tuesday.

You might remember, the entire first month of school, he cried at every drop off.

This week Tuesday, he did not go to school.

I still don't know the best thing to do for my child. Stick to the 3 days/week and see if he can bring home the work he misses so he doesn't have to do it during free play? Make him go Tuesdays even if he doesn't want to? Start with a half day on Tuesdays until he's more comfortable with the 4 day week schedule?

On the plus side, kuddos to my son for expressing himself amazingly in his drawing!! :)

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