Friday, September 01, 2006

The end of summer

It's been a great summer. We had a fun trip to Maine with my inlaws over the 4th of July week. The above picture was taken in Maine and it's one of my favorites! Stay tuned for a link to the rest of our pictures...
I had my birthday several weeks ago and so far I enjoy being 30! There's something refreshing and hopeful about having my 20's behind me. It was a great decade but it was also a tough decade. In my 20's I struggled to let go of an eating disorder. In my 20's I pushed love away. In my 20's I let go of unhealthy relationships. In my 20's I moved from Maryland to Seattle for grad school. In my 20's I went through life-changing experiences at Mars Hill Grad School. In my 20's I met my husband. In my 20's my dad died. In my 20's my childhood home was sold. In my 20's I received my Masters in Counseling. In my 20's I got married. In my 20's I moved to Michigan and built a counseling practice. In my 20's my husband and I bought our first home. In my 20's, I fell in love with 2 kittens. And now, I'm ready to soar into my 30's and discover all it has to offer me.
I have my counseling internship all lined up and actually, today, I'm finishing up my first week. 16 more to go. In some ways I'm counting down but I'm also excited about this internship and know it's going to be a great experience. And, come January I'll be a licensed counselor in Michigan. That's going to feel really good. This fall will fly by I'm sure. But it's my favorite season and I'm happy to be entering into it. Bonfires, bundling up and walking on deserted beaches, hot drinks, pumpkins, drives up north to see the changing leaves... what are some of your favorites about the fall season?

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