Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Back to the bookstore

So I'm back working at barnes & noble. Part-time temp work for the holidays. I start next Monday, Nov. 14 Will be good to be bringing in some more income.

I've been working out every other day for a week now. I'm really feeling good about it. Sometimes I even look forward to my workouts! I'm determined for this to last... this time.

We are painting our counseling office. We're sick of the dirty white walls. So we put a first coat on tonight & hope to finish the job on Saturday. It's a nice soothing color. I'm excited to be fixing up our office. Makes our business feel more real, more legit, more professional. We're praying every day that God will send us more clients. And I pray that God will help me to do the work He's called me to do. I love the counseling aspect of it but the marketing and networking I'm so bad at! Perhaps that's God's intention - it puts me in a place where I truly need Him, But still, I fight it and deny it and try to prove otherwise. {Sigh} Why do I fight against someone who's so FOR me?

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