Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Day 1

Day one of Operation Lose Weight... I drive to the Y, go to the locker room to change and realize, I forgot my running shoes. I have socks & my sandals. So much for running on the treadmill. Determined to get a workout, I still lift weights, in my socks, and head home to run around my neighborhood. Oh well, at least it was a beautiful day out. Next time, Jenna, remember the shoes! Talk about ambivalence!

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Judy said...

an unconscious attempt to get out of the pain of exercise. this just won't do! :-)

you can do it friend, I know you can. I confess I've been slacking too...but next time you forget your sneakers try the eliptical machine or the bike - both excellent cardio machines, and doable without sneakers...